Good Night Tales™

Starting with zero iOS or Swift experience, Good Night Tales was developed by myself over the course of 16 months. Its extensive UI animations serve to give the app a character of its own, and it features a domain-specific video compression scheme, able to store 20 minutes of video in only 140 MB. It includes a fully custom video player that supports highly dynamic playback, including personalization through customizable elements and randomizing elements of videos to increase variety during replays.


The product of four years of ongoing development, LibrarianLib provides tools and frameworks to support creating rich and complex Minecraft mods without having to bother with the technical details. Some of LibrarianLib’s notable features are:

  • A reflection based animation system to allow automatically animating nearly any attribute of any object.
  • Highly efficient and customizable zero-allocation particle systems, with accompanying zero-allocation physics and ray-world collider.
  • Automatic reflection-based serialization and deserialization of arbitrary Java objects, including support for generic type parameters and polymorphism.


One of LibrarianLib’s flagship features, Facade is a highly capable retained-mode UI framework for Minecraft. Built from the ground up over LibrarianLib’s four-year history, Facade development continues to this day.


Designed to supersede LibrarianLib’s current automatic serialization, Prism is a format-agnostic serialization system for Java, with the ability to intelligently serialize and deserialize arbitrary objects using reflection.


Built as a foundation for Prism, Mirror wraps Java’s Core Reflection system to provide easy access to advanced introspection of Java’s full types, elevating generic type parameters and type annotations to fully-fledged members of the runtime reflective type system.


Built for use in Facade, Bitfont is a bitmap font format and editor, along with an advanced renderer-agnostic typesetter.